The Artificial Intelligence & Cancers Association and the commitment of its Administrators: Interview with Philippe-Jean Bousquet, Public Health Physician and Director of Observation, Data Science and Evaluation – French National Cancer Institute

Discover, in this second video on the Institute, that she expects a frank and constructive commitment from all players in this Association project, in order to set up data reuse projects in oncology to federate the ecosystem and provide access to new data sources.

10 cancer data reuse projects in oncology in 2 years

Since 2021, the Intelligence Artificial and Cancers Association has been working alongside health industry companies, the French National Cancer Institute and the Health Data Hub, transforming healthcare data into therapeutic and diagnostic innovations for cancer patients. To date, ten cancer data reuse projects, led by health industry companies on themes with strong health stakes, have […]

Optimizing care pathways for better patient care

The care pathway corresponds to comprehensive patient care: it covers the phases of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up, involving a multitude of healthcare professionals. Influenced by many factors (individual, territorial, etc.), these care paths are highly diverse, with varying degrees of efficiency, and are sometimes subject to delays or disruptions, resulting in lost opportunity for […]

Better monitoring of “early access” patients

The French National Authority for Health defines early access as a system that enables patients who have reached a therapeutic impasse to benefit, on an exceptional and temporary basis, from certain drugs that are not authorized for a specific therapeutic indication. To this end, a certain amount of data (patient characteristics, treatment efficacy, quality of […]