Against cancer,

A groundbreaking public/private partnership

The Artificial Intelligence & Cancers Association is the result of a unique public – private partnership that brings together the French National Cancer Institute (INCa), the Health Data Hub, the Health Industry Alliance for Research and Innovation (ARIIS), France Biotech and 9 of the world’s leading health industry companies in oncology.

Transform data into real innovations for patients

Our ambition can be summed up in one sentence : to transform data into real innovations for patients. To achieve this ambition, the AI & Cancers Association is multiplying projects, testing national databases on industrial issues and working on their admissibility to regulatory authorities, in particular through a long-term dialogue with the French National Authority for Health (HAS).

The creation of this partnership between the public and private sectors demonstrates a shared will to accelerate cancer research and to make France a landmark ecosystem that is attractive at the global level.

Run a project with the Artificial Intelligence & Cancer Association

The IA & Cancers Association supports each project leader from the ideation phase to the results. Projects are selected by our Board of Directors on the basis of three broad families of criteria : the innovative nature of the project, its potential for the national ecosystem and its contribution to the influence of the Association.

Projects may focus on rare, frequent, poor-prognosis or pediatric cancers, etc., and address issues related to patient journey, personalized medicine, search for new biomarkers…

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