Types of projects

  The IA & Cancers Association supports Cancer data Reuse Projects (PRC).What is a Cancer data Reuse Project ? A Cancer data Reuse Project is a study that aims to answer a question in the field of oncology by addressing data. This study focuses on a single study population and may address one question or a coherent set of questions. It is successively formalized by :
  • A synopsis presented to the Board of Directors for enrichment and validation,
  • A study protocol including all the required information to carry out the project, in particular the statistical analysis plan, the matching variables, the provisional timetable (deadlines for accessing the data, building the dataset, analysis and writing the interim and final reports).
The projects focus on issues such as :
  • Optimising healthcare pathways by analysing therapeutic treatment sequences to target and address breaking points,
  • Personalised medicine through the ability to identify markers for sub-populations which might benefit from a specific treatment,
  • Pharmaco-economics for collective efficiency gains.
The projects focus on rare, frequent, poor prognosis and pediatric cancers. Depending on the issues explored by each individual project, they address any public and/or private data available in France (medico-administrative, clinical, real-life, genomic databases, etc.)

Projects Selection

Each project proposal, after examination by the Association, is presented to the Board of Directors for validation according to the following assessment criteria :

Criteria for assesmentWeighting
Criteria on innovation, aimed at therapeutic progress
The project targets therapeutic progress or addresses new medical needs20 %
It mobilises data typologies not accessible to date10 %
It uses innovative tools or methods to analyse or accelerate future projects10 %
Criteria on aspects fostering the opening up the national ecosystem
The project fosters the sharing of best practices15 %
It stimulates an ecosystem of innovation15 %
It has potential for amplification and replicability useful to the national ecosystem15 %
Criteria contributing to our influence and attractivity
The project increase the attractiveness of the national ecosystem on a European and global scale15 %

The Cancer Data Platform being built by INCa is a first possible basis for analysis.

Initiated in 2010, its purpose is to collect and process data on persons at risk of or diagnosed with cancer. It draws upon on data from the French National Health Data System (SNDS), progressively supplemented by other information, such as that from surveillance and observation structures (cancer registries) and regional screening coordination centres.

Information from clinical practices, in particular from the oncology communication file, will also be integrated. Links will also be possible with past clinical trials, clinical and biological databases, biomaterial libraries or tumour libraries and with cohorts including clinical, biological and omic information.