Origin of the AI & Cancers Association

The creation of the Artificial Intelligence & Cancers Association is the result of two years of collaboration between the Health Industry Alliance for Research and Innovation (ARIIS) and the French National Cancer Institute (INCa). It is one of the most important achievements of the “Artificial Intelligence and Health” program which is part of the Strategic Contract for the Health Industries and Technologies (CSF-ITS).

The creation of this Association and this partnership between the public and private sectors demonstrate a common desire to accelerate cancer research.

Missions & Values

The ambition of the AI & Cancers Association can be summed up in one sentence : to address, through all the data available in France, questions that bring value to patients and are transformed into real innovations.

To do this, the AI & Cancers Association has structured itself around five challenges :


Conducting projects that address challenges in healthcare, by reusing the data produced in the context of care, to come up with innovative therapeutic and diagnostic solutions for common or rare cancers.

Building an open environment for innovation, by speeding up access to complementary oncology data for all.


Conducting a framework project made up of decentralised undertakings, led by industry companies, carried out on a regional scale with those who produce the data.


Maintaining and nurturing dialogue with civil society, by committing to explain progress in oncology to the general public and to communicate on the issues at stake : What are our project’s promises, developments and limits as it unfolds?


Building trust around health data, through transparency in the means, objectives and expected results.


These objectives form the foundation of the Association’s working principles around which the board members, directors, collaborators, qualified personalities, founding members, partners and stakeholders have aligned themselves to define principles and procedures in terms of ethics, transparency and competition law. They have thus adopted a charter of common values.