Why should you conduct a project with us?

By conducting a project with the AICP, you can distinguish yourself through two opportunities:

  • Conducting projects before a unique audience. The Association brings together an exceptional audience: the Board of Directors is made up of the world’s leading industry companies in oncology, government agencies such as the French National Cancer Institute and the Health Data Hub, and professional associations dedicated to research and innovation in health: France Biotech and the Health Industry Alliance for Research and Innovation. The ability of this united audience to (i) deploy innovations for patients and (ii) convey messages at the highest level is unparalleled, as is its ability to champion these innovations at the international level.

  • Take part in close dialogue with the French National Authority for Health. Under the Health Innovation 2030 Plan announced by the French President on 29 June 2021, and following the agreement of the Presidency of the National Authority on Health on 21 February 2022, the Association is building lasting dialogue with the latter, around the issues addressed by its projects. This measure is being developed within the framework of the action line “to work towards the integration of trials based on innovative, real-life, adaptive, in silico methodologies” (action 3.F) of the Health Innovation 2030 Plan.