Our offer

The Association’s team works alongside project leaders from the ideation phase all the way to the outcomes. For this purpose, the Association’s team:

Analyses the project proposal:

  • What is its potential impact on the innovation ecosystem? Potential for amplification and replicability, attractiveness of the national ecosystem, sharing of best practices?
  • Is it technically addressable? Availability of targeted data sources, epidemiological methodology envisaged

Draws up a synopsis to formalise the proposal:

  • Objectives and purposes of the project

  • Description of teams involved

  • Forecast timetable and budget

  • Proposed epidemiological methodology

Has the synopsis approved by the board of directors:

Taking into account the criteria detailed here.

Draws up a study protocol to formalise the project

  • Epidemiological and biostatistical methodology (type of study, populations, data sources, variables, collection methods, etc.)

  • Study timeline

  • Data security and confidentiality arrangements

Gathers the necessary opinions and authorisations

via the Scientific and Ethical Council of the Cancer Data Platform (CSE-PDC) of INCa, the CESREES and the CNIL.

Coordinates data access, extraction and analysis

carried out by INCa or a research company, according to the study protocol.

Draws up the analysis reports

for delivery of the results to the Requesting party.