The Partners Committee

In addition to its Founding Members, the Association’s governance includes a Partners Committee. Its purpose is to provide, through its Members’ expertise in health data, advice on the Association’s annual action plan with a view towards speeding up the Cancer Data Reuse Projects (PRC).

Speeding up access to health data


Assessing data quality from as early as the project design stage


Analysing diverse data typologies in an innovative manner

Become A Partner !

Candidates wishing to join the Partners Committee must be approved by a qualified majority of the Association’s Board of Directors. Candidates must submit a substantiated application using the form available on-line.

Partner Commitments

The Partners undertake to join the Partners’ Committee in a pre-competitive spirit, as volunteer experts, to develop proposals and share their national and international strategic perspectives in connection with the Association’s objectives and the implementation of its projects. They commit to actively participate in the Committee’s meetings (2 to 3 meetings per year) and to look beyond the interests of their company alone to convey the message of a community of players. The Partners elect from among their number a Chairman who runs the Committee in conjunction with the Association’s Director General.

It is important to emphasise that a company’s membership in the Partners Committee does not prevent it from entering relationships as an analysis provider, to offer solutions specific to a single project.

Partner Opportunities

In view of their commitment, the Association offers Partners:
  • Visibility and close dialogue with the project’s founders,
  • The strength of a project approach, under the aegis of the French National Industry Council,
  • The possibility of offering initiatives that have an impact on the entire innovation ecosystem.