Becoming a stakeholder

In addition to its founding members, the Association’s governance provides for a Stakeholder Committee. This Committee’s purpose is to provide input and suggestions on the Association’s activities to defend the interests of patients and public research or to build innovative solutions around prevention. 

The Stakeholders contribute in particular to the following objectives:   

  • Issuing an opinion on the Association’s action plan and activity report 
  • Producing an annual report on the approved/non-approved Projects for the Reuse of Oncology Data (PRC) in order to formulate ex-post opinions or suggestions on the prioritisation and medical relevance of projects. 
  • Promoting the sharing and distribution of information about the Association’s activities within the organisations represented on the Committee. 


Candidates wishing to join the Stakeholder Committee must be approved by a qualified majority of the Association’s Board of Directors. Candidates must submit a substantiated application using the form available on-line

  • Stakeholder commitments 

The Stakeholders commit to become part of the Stakeholder Committee as volunteer experts, to develop proposals and share their visions and suggestions to the Association taking into account its objectives.  

They commit to actively participate in the Committee’s meetings (2 to 3 meetings per year) and to go beyond their own interests to convey the voice of a community of players

The Stakeholders elect a Chairperson from among their number to lead the Committee in conjunction with the Association’s Director General. 

In view of their commitment, the Association offers the Partners the opportunity to: 

  • Defend the interests of patients and public research within the innovation ecosystem 
  • Benefit from the strength of a Project approach, under the aegis of the National Council of Industry, 
  • Build solutions for the benefit of patients, in particular in order to improve prevention or reduce the risk of cancer relapse.